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Do you have what it takes to truly change the world? 


Can you rise to a challenge

no one else has solved?


Can you turn innovation and collaboration into practical reality?

If any of the answers to the above is YES then we have an opportunity for you!

The Opportunity

Fuel Change Peach Logo.png

We have long since held the view that our young and talented individuals need to be given the opportunity to collaborate and innovate to face up to true and genuine challenges facing industry – especially where we specifically look to address the drive towards a low carbon economy. This is the planet you are inheriting.

With the onset of Covid-19 the planned global conference of world leaders to drive climate change actions, COP26, planned for Glasgow in November 2020 has been postponed – maybe till late 2021. However, as the planet will not postpone deteriorating, awaiting reorganisation of our thoughts we have decided to crack on:

Fuel Change


We have brought together 6 top organisations in Scotland who are considering how best to face the climate change challenge and they need your help. Each of them has set a challenge for which currently they have no clear answer to – all require a low carbon solution.


The organisations are:

  • Alexander Dennis Limited

  • BAM Nuttall

  • Scottish Power Energy Networks

  • National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS)

  • Technip FMC

  • Spirit Aerosystems

This is a project every apprentice will want to be part of – learning, collaboration, opening your mind – and succeeding!

So gather your team and 

Open till 19th September 2020

(If you are at a smaller company but want to be part of a wider team, we will organise this so register as an individual here now)


The challenge set by the partners is specific to their business or sector and above all is real, not theoretical and therefore are open to diverse and innovative solutions.

Where do you come in?

We seek teams of apprentices to participate in this unique opportunity which will have national coverage. The teams will be for you to form via your college and employer – teams of between 4 and 8 being the only restriction. If you are from a smaller employer we can connect you with others to form a team.


Every team will be given a list of the 6 challenges set by the partner organisations covering as they do a selection of sectors – your team will select the challenge you feel most drawn to. No need to stay with your own sectors and you may be excited by the opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge with true diversity.


What is the objective?

This is a competition but with a difference. We invite you, in your teams, to consider and develop innovative but practical solutions to the challenge you choose from our partners. Through a series of sprints you will develop your concepts in further and greater detail with the number of teams after each sprint reducing based on the output you submit.


This will culminate in a showcase in February for those very best submissions – there will however not be one winner – the prize for every successful entry will be the commitment of the relevant partner organisation to take their solution and implement it. There could be many winners and a chance to turn theory into practice.

Foundation Apprentices - there is even a separate question for you!! Register to join in!!

How will

this work?

There will be 3 sprints which you will undertake collaboratively with your team:

Sprint 1:

21st September to mid-Oct 2020 will be a 3 week sprint where you will receive the 6 challenges. You will work with your team to select which challenge you feel excites you the most, the one where you can potentially deliver the best solutions. Do not just select day 1 but take help from our webinars and guidance to select well and present back your thought process to taking forward the challenge of your choice !

Sprint 2:

Will be from Early-November. In this 4 week sprint you will get to work on your chosen challenge, developing concepts and being as diverse and inventive as you wish. At the end of the sprint you will present your concept and thinking – those with the ideas that will have the biggest impact and appear practical will go to the final sprint.


Sprint 3:

will be from mid-January to the national showcase in mid-February. During this period you will be assisted by the partner organisations relevant to your challenge – they will help you hone and develop your concept with a view to presenting.


The National Showcase will be a gala event attended by our partner organisations. They will consider your submission and ultimately select those which they feel can be taken through to implementation phase – this may be more than one even for the same challenge!

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